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Ratarstvo i povrtarstvo

title: Ratarstvo i povrtarstvo / Field and Vegetable Crops Research
abbreviated title:
Ratar. Povrt.
ISSN 1821-3944 (Print)
ISSN 2217-8392 (Online)

editor-in-chief: Ana Marjanović-Jeromela, PhD
managing editor: Sreten Terzić, PhD
frequency: three issues per year
languages: English
category: M51 leading national journal

contact: journal@nsseme.com
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Petar Mitrović, Ana Marjanović Jeromela, Vojislav Trkulja, Željko Milovac, Sreten Terzić
The First Occurrence of Stem Canker on Oilseed Rape Caused by Leptosphaeria biglobosa in Serbia