Dr. Milan Mirosavljević
Dr. Milan MirosavljevićHead of Department of Small Grains
Dr. Božana Purar
Dr. Božana PurarHead of Maize Department
Dr. Božana Purar was born in Osijek on February, 25 1962. After completing primary and secondary education in Osijek, she graduated from the Department of Crop Breeding, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Osijek, in 1986, and defended her Master’s thesis in phytopathology in 1989. In 1998, Dr. Purar defended her PhD thesis in phytopathology and plant genetics at the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad. In 1986-1993, she was employed as an Assistant Lecturer in Phytopathology and Phytopharmacy at the Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek. Since 1993, she has been working as a researcher in phytopathology at the Maize Department of the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops Novi Sad. Dr. Purar was appointed Research Assistant in 1999, Research Associate in 2002, and Principal Research Fellow in 2008. She was a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in two membership periods. Dr. Purar completed her specialization course in phytopathology in 2001, at the Plant Breeding Institute, Cobbitty, NSW, Australia. She joined the study tour team for bilateral cooperation between the ministries of Agriculture of America and Serbia, US – Serbia and Montenegro cooperation for research of corn rootworm (Diabrotica spp) in 2003, as well as completing the course Double haploids in maize breeding and research, Institute of Plant Breeding, Seed Science and Population Genetics, Universität Hohenheim, Germany in 2013. Dr. Purar participated in six national projects for technological development. She authored or coauthored more than 130 research and technical papers. She coauthored 109 maize hybrids registered in Serbia and 50 maize hybrids released abroad. In October 2022, Dr. Purar was appointed Head of Maize Department. She speaks English language. She is married and has two children.
Dr. Vuk Đorđević
Dr. Vuk ĐorđevićHead of Department of Legumes
Dr. Maja Ignjatov
Dr. Maja Ignjatov Head of Department of vegetable and alternative crops
Dr. Sandra Cvejić
Dr. Sandra CvejićHead of Sunflower Department
Dr. Snežana Jakšić
Dr. Snežana JakšićHead of Laboratory for soil and agroecology
Dr. Zorica Nikolić
Dr. Zorica NikolićHead of Laboratory for seed testing
Dr. Ankica Kondić Špika
Dr. Ankica Kondić ŠpikaHead of Laboratory for biotechnology