NS 288

FAO 260 maturity group

For early harvest


  • Early hybrid.
  • Yield potential exceeds 12 t/ha of dry grain and over 35 t/ha of silage.
  • Drought tolerant.
  • Ear with 14-16 rows of yellow-orange, dent type kernels, 1000 grain weight of 300-320 grams.


  • Suitable for growing in flatlands as the main crop or stubble crop, or up to 800 m as the main crop, for grain and silage.
  • Matures by the end of September, suitable for use as a preceding crop in winter crop planting.
  • Optimal planting density for grain production is 75,000 plants in favourable conditions, or 65,000 plants/ha in less favourable conditions.
  • Plant number increase by 5-10,000 is required for silage production.